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ABOUT Bison® (Formerly AMETEK DFS)

For more than 100 years, Bison®, an AMETEK business, has helped customers differentiate their products by developing robust, flexible and durable motors, blowers, and pumps under the brand names – Bison® Gear Motors, Lamb®, Nautilair®, Prestolite Motors, ROTRON® Regenerative Blowers, ROTRON® Transportation and Windjammer®.

Bison® engineers thrive on technical challenges and provide customers with collaborative, customizable and optimized fluid-moving, fractional and integral horsepower solutions. Bison® has worldwide sales representative support, research facilities and manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, and Mexico. The company is headquartered in Kent, Ohio.

Bison® is a business of AMETEK – a leading global provider of industrial technology solutions serving a diverse set of attractive niche markets with annual sales over $6.0 billion.

Bison® (formerly AMETEK DFS) Blowers and Motors Are Used in Many Medical Applications Including. . .

Partner With Bison® (Formerly AMETEK DFS) And…

Differentiate Your Medical Devices and Equipment With Brushless Blowers and Brushed Motors From Bison® (Formerly AMETEK DFS)

Blowers and motors can drive quality, efficiency and cost savings into your medical device and equipment designs.


...your products using the highest quality blowers and motors, providing long life, high efficiency, low noise, minimal vibration, high purity air and more.


...your product’s air-moving solution, working side by side with Bison® (formerly AMETEK DFS) engineers that know the dynamics of fluid and have hundreds of years of cumulative experience.

Save Time running performance tests and agency certification (UL, CSA, CCC and etc.) through one of our three state-of- the-art-engineering labs.

Gain Access local production facilities for better lead times and support. Bison® (formerly AMETEK DFS) manufactures products in the USA, Mexico and China.

Respiratory Devices

Low Air Loss Mattresses

Respiratory Devices

Sterilization Equipment


Surgical Smoke Equipment

Negative Pressure Chambers

Laboratory Air Sampling

Low Air Loss Mattresses


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  • Brushed vacuum motors

  • Trusted Lamb brand for more than 100 years

  • Multi-design options: Bypass, thru-flow, tangential, peripheral and axial

  • Multiple fan sizes and power inputs available

  • Customizable to your specific medical application
  • Brushless DC blowers

  • Long-time trusted brand

  • Variable speed, low noise, and long life

  • Largest selection of centrifugal brushless blowers available with pressure up to 180" H2O and flow up to 280 CFM

  • Customizable to your specific medical application


Want Long Life, High Efficiency, Low Noise and Minimal Vibration?

Design a Bison® (formerly AMETEK DFS) Blower or Motor Into Your Medical Devices or Equipment

Negative Pressure Chambers

Surgical Smoke Equipment

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